Spring Creek Real Estate

Spring Creek real estate is nestled within an area of Canmore that is both lovely and convenient – some of the finest Canmore real estate is found here! And because this community is located so close to downtown, it takes mere minutes to walk there or you can arrive even faster by bus, taxi, or car. Once you arrive in Spring Creek Mountain Village, absolutely nothing will compare to the epic mountain living you will experience there. Because of its central location, this is the perfect place for young business owners and families.

For more information about these amazing mountain homes, see the Spring Creek Mountain listings below, or read more about the unreal mountain lifestyle.

Spring Creek MLS® Listings:

The Spring Creek Homes Market

Spring Creek homes for sale offer some truly once-in-a-lifetime Canmore condo ownership opportunities. With up to 4 bedrooms and up to 4 bathrooms, these homes offer plenty of space. Prices range from below $400,000 to more than $1 million.

Cozy and spacious, Spring Creek Mountain homes feature amazing mountain views from every angle. Let the snowy peaks and rugged terrain take your breath away (in the best possible way!) Wildlife abounds, including elk, bears, wildcats, moose, beavers, and many bird species. Hang out on the balcony and enjoy fresh mountain air while entertaining guests or just enjoying the pleasure of your own company.

Geothermal heating and cooling means that you can control the temperature in your own home as you see fit in a sustainable and efficient way. Stay cool in the summer while feeling warm and comfortable in the winter!

Open floor plans make entertaining both easy and fun. Add in large kitchens with premium stainless steel appliances, and you’ll think you’re running your very own restaurant. Hardwood floors offer an easy way to keep the place clean while also exuding a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Private offices, large master bedrooms, gorgeous bathrooms, plenty of parking for both residents and visitors, custom cabinetry, and top-of-the-line quartz countertops will ensure that you never want to leave. You won’t find anything like Spring Creek real estate anywhere else in the world!

Amazing Spring Creek Mountain Village Amenities

Since Spring Creek Mountain is so close to downtown Canmore, you’ll never have a lack of things to do. Walk or bike to work daily in order to stay fit and experience the sights. Check out walking trails that will take you into the heart of Canmore's pristine wilderness. Hike along stunning ridges and experience truly stunning Albertan sunsets.

Schools in the area cover all age ranges, from Kindergarten to grade 12. There are several to choose from – both public and private. After-school events and sports are also available, such as soccer, football, track and field, and more!

Shopping is so easy that you’ll wonder how you did it before you came to Spring Creek Mountain! Visit specialty shops full of antiques, souvenirs, trinkets, and ethnic foods in downtown Canmore. Famous pubs, spas, salons, clearance shops, steak houses, gourmet restaurants, authentic cafes, and fast food are all readily available around almost every corner.

Art galleries abound in Canmore. Take art tours or visit art museums to view or purchase whimsical paintings, hand-painted cards, and Rocky Mountain-inspired themes. Some art galleries even allow you to watch artists at work. Shops also offer professional picture framing so you can be assured that your painting will look its very best.

As Canmore is such a fun-loving city, expect all kinds of festivals and events! Some businesses even offer weekly events, such as Friday night bingo or karaoke nights. There are always art demonstrations going on, as well as the opportunity to try creating some art yourself. Attend annual events, too, where you’ll see fireworks, dance the night away, and meet like-minded people.

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